Female Ejaculation

So yesterday I received a question about female ejaculation.  I could have sworn that I had more on the subject, but after pouring through the books I already had, I could only find dismissals of this phenomenon (which we know now is real) or hypotheses that female ejaculation is a product of a “vestigial prostate gland.” (see Masters and Johnson’s “On Sex and Human Loving” and various other articles in the Journal of Sexuality from the late 1970s to early 1980s).  Basically, what all of these (male) researchers argued is… since women and men start with the same anatomy in the womb, they both have prostate glands.  The prostate only fully develops in males, and it is the organ that produces 20-30% of seminal fluids.  In some females, they believed, the underdeveloped, residual prostate gland is hyperactive, causing them to ejaculate like men when they orgasm.  They decided that this vestigial prostate was the source of the female G spot, and ended it there.

(see article, article, article, article, article, article, article, article, article, article, article, article.  Note that all of these are written mainly in the 1980s, nobody since has decided to research it).

I looked for something that was published more recently about female ejaculation, and did not find much.  This article, published in 2007, studied the orgasms of TWO women and found some evidence of the female prostate.  However, reading through “Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother’s Orgasm Book!” by Deborah Sundahl et al, they provide research to support the female prostate hypothesis (book).  They explain that more studies than I could find have been conducted recently, proving the existence of this Skene’s Gland, as it is now called.  Skene’s glad is located inside of the bladder, and produces female ejaculate along with other hormones (pg 31).  They admit that not many studies have been done on this gland, other than to prove it exists.

So in the end… the origin of female ejaculate is, in fact, the female prostate!  It produces a liquid (not urine) that is expelled through the urethra during a woman’s orgasm, causing her to squirt a clear/creamy liquid out of her urethra.  It is hypothesized that every woman ejaculates, but since the female  prostate is located inside of the bladder (rather than outside of it like in men), the ejaculate is oftentimes absorbed by the bladder rather than expelled through the urethra.

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