About Fleshlight

If you read the About Me page, you will know that I work for the Fleshlight company, so I thought I would provide a little information on why Fleshlight is creating this blog and why you should trust the information in it.

For those of you who don’t know, a Fleshlight is a male masturbation toy.  It is a sleeve made out of a skin-like material that can look like a vagina, anus, or mouth depending on your preference.  The sleeve is housed in a flashlight-looking plastic case.  Inside the sleeves are various textures, allowing for a varied masturbation experience.

What probably nobody knows is the story of how Fleshlights were created, and how awesome and genuine of a company it is.  I am a feminist and a skeptic, so when I first heard about Fleshlights I thought it was horrible.  I thought they were reducing women down to their vaginas, making them (literally) into sexual objects, and really dehumanizing the whole sexual experience.  But I was so wrong.

Fleshlights were invented by Steve Shubin, our current company owner and manager.  In the 1990s, his wife Kathy was going through a complicated pregnancy that required them to abstain from sex for the whole nine months.  Having a high sex drive, Steve was devastated by this news, and so he asked his wife’s permission to create a sex toy for people like him.  His original intent was to create something to provide an alternative to adultery for men in similar situations.

Kathy eventually gave birth to twin girls, and Steve began to semi-reevaluate his original purpose.  He realized that girls are frequently used as “semen receptacles” for guys who are horny, and he did not want his daughters treated that way.  So, he provided men with an alternative - a life-like sex toy.  Now, he argues, men have no excuse to pressure women into sex.  They can use their Fleshlight like the sexual object it is, instead of objectifying a flesh-and-blood woman for the same purpose.

We realize that there are a lot of myths and stigmas surrounding masturbation still, and we want to break this taboo, so we’ve created this blog.

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